Χρήστος Χέλμης - Creative Director & Copywriter - Colibri branding & design
Christos Helmis - Creative Director & Copywriter

Born in Athens in 1961, I graduated with a BA and an MSc in Law from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Law School and practiced law for five years while freelancing as a copywriter.


That’s when I knew that I love visual communication business so I got involved in various related aspects ever since, such as account management, art direction, copywriting, human resources management and project management.


I have been Colibri's Creative Director since its formation in 1991.


In my career I have managed a variety of design and communication projects for companies and organizations such as:
- the British Council
- Forthnet
- the National Theatre of Northern Greece
- the Black Sea Trade & Development Bank
- CEDEFOP (in European Directorate for Vocational Training)
- the organizations for promoting tourism in Thessaloniki, Halkidiki etc.


Some of Colibri ‘s clientele in these creative 25 years are:
- the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece
- Palirria food company exporting Mediterranean food
- Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group
- the Ioannina Tourism Committee
- Thessaloniki Convention Bureau
- the great cheesemakers of Kostarelos family and other tourism
- food and high technology companies and organizations.


My projects have been awarded with Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Award (EVGE), ERMIS Award and European Design Award.


I am frequently invited to professional conferences and galas to present my views and experiences on communication and design.

Στέφανος Ποταμίδης - Senior Graphic Designer - Colibri branding & design
Stefanos Potamidis - Senior Graphic Designer

Born in Thessaloniki in 1967, I studied in Dimitreli Graphic Design School. From the very beginning of my studies, I established my own office with another graphic artist and started designing.


We had a very promising start, since we got awarded for the Thessaloniki Book Fair poster and the poster of 27th Dimitria for Municipality of Thessaloniki, back in 1992.


In three years time, we designed signs, logos, posters, silkscreens, book covers, press advertisements and some drafts for pilot projects.


For nearly a decade, our partnerships with various colleagues gave us the opportunity to design for various organizations and companies in the whole range of graphic arts.


A memorable experience was the relationship we developed with the French painter Maria Teresa Marella, who lived upstairs and taught us painting in our very first designing steps. We remember her with love...


The world was celebrating the new millennium when I joined Colibri team.


I took on the branding strategy of all the Technical Olympic group companies for six consecutive years. I handled the branding (advertising, brochures, etc.) and the designing of the food packages for Pelekan, Palirria and Agrotopos companies.


I have dealt with a variety of destination branding projects. Some examples are the rebranding of Halkidiki (I loved the tourist guide "Go Live Halkidiki" of 2012), the rebranding of Central Macedonia Region and a series of various relevant publications ("Akadimos with a smile" and the routes of Evros, Stagira-Acanthus and N. Marmaras).


I designed the visual communication of Naoussa International Film Festival for many years.


At the same time, I designed posters and publications for the National Theatre of Northern Greece, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki Concert Hall.


I have designed multipage artifact catalogues for Panayotis and Effie Michelis Collection, Xotaris Collection and the collection of paintings and engravings of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki.


Among my most important projects are the publication editings of two big 100-year Anniversary Editions:
- for the Association of Industries of Northern Greece
- for the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Thessaloniki.


My publications for the annual reports of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank - for six years - and for the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki are equally important too. 

Ανδρέας Δημητριάδης- Γραφίστας - Colibri branding & design
Andreas Dimitriadis - Graphic Designer

I was born in Stockholm in 1980. I graduated from the Polyvalent Lyceum of Thessaloniki as an Assistant Designer and after i got the Diploma of Higher Education in Graphic Design of the University of Central Lancashire by Applied Art Studies.


During my studies, I made my first professional steps in the graphic design firm Visual Options.


Shortly after that, in 2006, I became a member of Colibri Branding & Design Group.


I took on communication branding design for various scientific conferences such as:
- the Annual National Conference of Neurosurgery - for seven consecutive years
- the Hellenic Congress of Spine - for two years
- and dozens of various events, like Greek Value for the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece


My work for the European Centre for the Development of the Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) holds a special place among my projects. It includes two annual reports, Career Guidance Conference, Rhetoric or Reality Conference and Work Program.


I have worked together with Herman Consult GmbH designing brochures and presentations for technology companies in order to be funded by European Community programs.


I designed the corporate identity, brochures and website for the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnical School of the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki and – after that – Exothermia ‘s identity, the spin-off company of the same Laboratory.


I have designed multilingual brochures and trade stands campaigning the Region of Central Macedonia (


I collaborate with Thessaloniki Hotels Association and the Thessaloniki Convention Bureau covering their communication needs.

Αλέξανδρος Κοντόπουλος - Γραφίστας - Colibri branding & design
Alexandros Kodopoulos - Graphic Design

Born in 1978 in Thessaloniki, I graduated the School of Management and Economy of the Department of Marketing of the Alexandrian Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki.


I started as a self-taught, freelancing and teaching graphic designer. At the age of 19, I was a member of the council of the Hellenic Institute of Marketing (EIM).


I worked in St Print advertising agency, exclusively responsible for a wide range of advertising areas, such as creative director and project manager.


I created Blind Pilots, a group which organizes a large range of cultural events and social contribution activities in Thessaloniki and soon –we hope and schedule - all over Greece and abroad.


Since September 2009, I am a member of Colibri's creative team.


One of the most interesting challenges in my job is destination branding. I worked on creating new identities for a series of destinations in Greece, such as Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Central Macedonia and… Greece itself!


I designed the visual communication for various food companies, such as Palirria, Oriental Express and Goumenisses.


I constructed a variety of websites for the energy, food, science and tourism industry. E.g.,,,,,


Participated in many branding projects. The ones that I like the most are Hotel Olympia, PLIN, BETA CAE, and Food Sherlocks, because of their complexity.

Μαρία Κατσαρού - Γραφίστας - Colibri branding & design
Maria Katsarou - Graphic Designer

I was born in Thessaloniki in 1986 and graduated the Graphic Design Department of IEK AKMI in 2009.


I completed my internship in Defign Creative Services company and immediately started my professional career in Printxpress company.


In December 2012 I joined Colibri Branding & Design.


I took over the rebranding of the pet product company Pet Interest (including their logos, catalogs, product packaging and website) and the rebranding of the construction material company Macon.


I participated in the creation of the logo for the destination project DiscoverGreece, and for the software program Copert for Emisia Company.


I designed the logo and all the lay-outs for Axios-Αliakmonas-Loudias Delta National Park.


I felt very honored when I was asked to design the logo for En Dynamei Assosiation, a group of Down, Asperger, Autism and other syndrome impaired young men and women and their friends.


I participated in the rebranding of Domotel Hotel & Resorts and of the food company BIOdynami.

Ντιάνα Γεωργιάδη (a.k.a Lady D) - Γραφίστας
Diana Georgiadi (a.k.a Lady D) - Graphic Designer

I was born in Samara, Russia in 1988. I graduated the Department of Graphic Design School at TEI of Athens and I did my internship at Creative NoPlan. After that I worked for two years in the creative department of graphic arts company Q.Vision.


I joined Colibri Branding & Design in January, 2015.


My field of expertise – and that I love most – is illustration. Mainly, I design product packages for food industries, such as:
- the Zenith series for Palirria
- ice cream for the company Artos Ephesus
- Aegean Gourmet series for Mytilos company
- the new series of salts for the company Alatia
- and a variety of local products for Sun Terrino company.


I designed the 80-year anniversary publication for Efthymiadis Agrotechnology Group and the 40-year anniversary publication for Mechanical Engineering and Construction Contractors.


Furthermore, I have designed various logos – for example for Wordchefs Congress 2016, Booking Clinic, BETA CAE Systems - and the communication branding for the livestock company Proud Farm.


I speak Russian and English fluently.

Δήμητρα Βαλτά - Secretary - Colibri branding & design
Dimitra Valta - Secretary

I was born in Volos in 1983 and graduated at the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, in University of Macedonia.


I have worked in the Alpha Plan Consultants, editing various studies. After a while I joined the administrative department of Colibri Branding & Design.


My duty – among others – is to coordinate the creative team of Colibri, in the implementation of all projects, to edit the company’s financial offers and applications in competitions and to communicate with the company's customers.


I speak English, Serbian and Russian.

Αλεξάνδρα Παπαδοπούλου - Οικονομική Διαχείριση - Colibri branding & design
Alexandra Papadopoulou - Account / Finances

Right after my graduation from the Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Macedonia, I began my professional career at the Accountant Office of Zografos Vasilios. My main tasks were Book Keeping (B' class) and Income Tax Statements.


I worked in Department of Investments at Emporiki Bank, participating in a STAGE program. For four years I organized and operated the accounting department at DIODOS Company.


I hold the Certificate of Proficiency in English of the University of Michigan and the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).


I am a licensed B’ Class tax consultant and a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece (OEE). I have attended various seminars on accounting, labor and tax laws.


In 2006 I joined Colibri Branding and Design administration team.

Roel Poncelet, Web design & development, Multimedia
Roel Poncelet - Web design & development, Multimedia

I was born in Tongeren, the most beautiful and oldest city of Belgium.


I accomplished my academic master degree in Audio-Visual Sciences (Catholic University of Leuven) with specialization: Communication and Multimedia design.


Today, I have been working for more than five years creating, designing, developing all kind of multimedia projects:
- mobile applications
- responsive websites
- e-shops
- on-line and off-line services
- games
- touch-screen interfaces and many more.


Between 2013 and 2015, I have been working together with AG-consult – a very well-known usability research firm – to improve the usability of Belgians' biggest construction website The redesign was a big success.


I gained a lot of useful experience about Google Analytics, A-B testing and conversion optimization. Therefore, I can improve your website in a rather inexpensive way to get more:

- usable friendly interfaces
- page views, leads, interaction
- conversions, completed business goals (online revenue)


I speak Dutch and English fluently. You can also contact me in German and French. I recently started studying Spanish.