Following our rebranding of Skarfi cheese makers to the more appropriate Vlachian Mountains Artisinal Cheese our challenge was to capture the new elegant...

Το νέο site μίας μεγάλης επενδυτικής τράπεζας

Despite stiff competition from the UK, Finland and elsewhere, we were awarded the contract to take on the new website of the Black Sea Trade and Development...

Following the successful and award-winning culinary ranges of Mediterranean Light and Baklava Gold, Kolionasios has developed a new line of clean label...

The new cereal bars from ZEO Bakers are a homemade superfood in 11 great flavours. 

Cheese making is part of the heart and soul of a proud Greek food tradition. This is not only true of feta cheese but other kinds too, such as the soft and...

The two elements that our design approach took were to communicate experience, tradition and expertise in knowing exactly how to handle and craft savory...

Sea Salt Flakes is another "ship" in the Salt Odyssey Salt fleet. We designed the six separate packages, corresponding to the flavours (natural, organic...

The Greek leader in pork meat and cold cuts, Creta Farms broke ground last year with a mouth watering collection of products for the Greek grill house “...

Rito is the leading manufacturer and exporter of sweet spreads and other confectionery ingredients in Greece.

As a fast growing manufacturer of Greek traditional pies, Ioniki set out to re-evaluate their image and design it afresh.

Family tradition is the most common claim in the world of food. More often than not it is simply not enough. When Thomas Korelas and his team, all in their...

We have been working along side Zeo Bakers since their rebranding in 2017. This new edition of their product catalogue marks a considerable change.

The branding challenge was how to make a quality pie range stand out above the rest; to distance it from the small scale, rustic image associated with the...

Telling a 20 year corporate success story in a 5 minute video

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary we created a corporate video telling the expanding story of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank.

Επαγγελματική φωτογραφία φαγητού σε πιάτο

Colibri designed and created the cookbook, designing also Palirria’s 60th anniversary logo. We also had their dishes photographed to match with the design...

MSG group seafood logo

One of the arts of fishing is providing seafood, fresher than fresh. MSG are one of the very few in the Mediterranean to have freeze-on-board facilities and...

Λογότυπο του κέντρου «λογος»

Since 1989, "Logos" has been providing services for diagnosing and dealing with speech, language and voice disorders.

Melimnos, λογότυπο, εταιρία παραγωγής και εμπορίας μελισοκομικών προϊόντων

Honey is a very particular product where properly designed packaging will make a real difference on the shelf. Even if you have the best honey in the world...

Άσυλο του Παιδιού Εκατό χρόνια προσφοράς, Εξώφυλλο έκδοσης

The "Asylo Tou Paidiou" – the refuge of the child, is a philanthropic educational institution and one of the oldest foundations in Thessaloniki, celebrating...

Your company in motion

If you want to attract attention making a video or animation explaining your product or service can really be the way to go.

Aegean Gourmet Finest Greek Seafood logo

The brand new Aegean Gourmet series by Mytilos smells like the Mediterranean Sea!

Creta Farm Γύρος Εν Ελλάδι

Quality Greek pork meat is now available for the Greek grill from the acclaimed “En Elladi” brand. 

Lucia’s Farm

Branding Lucia's Farm products for Hellenic Farming.

Three different series of breadsticks for one of the leading wholesalers in bakery products

Colibri's journey to the mysterious and seductive streets of the East through branding Kolionasios continues with a new product line.

The personal web site of a new architect, which combines the areas of her interests and professional experience.

The simple depiction of a complex research programme that looks into the analysis of exhaust gases at nanoscopic levels.

A dynamic Swiss company active in custom research, development, production and marketing of specialty chemicals, intermediates and active ingredients.

Οne of the most important projects undertaken in our 25 years of operation!

Βαγιάννης Divine Origins Olives

Divine Origins, a fresh brand for Vagiannis Olives

Φρεσκούλης Φρέσκα Λαχανικά

Freskoulis Freshly Steamed Vegetables was awarded for its practical and innovative packaging.

Pet Interest

Continuing our long creative collaboration with Pet Interest we edited and redesigned their complete product catalogue.

TEDx Bentley

TEDx events promote fresh and innovative ideas and at Colibri we all just love new ideas!

Kolionasios Baklava Gold

This is not a new journey. For centuries, camel caravans and schooners have been braving deserts and seas carrying the ingredients of baklava, like spices,...

Every project is special, but we are especially proud when undertaking big, traditional brands in the food industry. One of these is Zenith, a brand with...

WorldChefs Congress & Expo 2016

One of the most important international events in the gastronomy sector was hosted for the first time in Thessaloniki and Colibri was proud to be a part of...


Branding Pig-A-Sauce was one of Colibri's most "delicious" projects, and we decided to have some fun by playing on words!

Palliria Taste the best of Greece

Colibri's successful collaboration with Palirria has been unfolding for many years and utilises a whole range of Colibri's services available for food...

Zeo Bakery

Rebranding Zeo, by editing a new product catalogue and designing a logo and packaging.