Investment is more crucial than ever. Investing in brand partnerships is just as essential. 

Our branding influence is smoothly and gradually permeating through the communication outlets of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank. Banks won’t be cajoled into daring concepts that are lapped up by our fashion or food clients. Instead, sensitive to the importance of portraying a stable, thorough and professional brand we’ve been testing the waters over the last two years, starting with fringe needs such as one-off videos we created and narrated to highlight their key landmarks. We have more recently taken on core tasks of overhauling and modernising their extensive website, evolving their everyday internal and external communication templates and designing and proofreading their annual report. 

More projects and more interaction has translated into a stronger more robust professional relationship, because trust has been deepened through victories achieved together. More can be said and done and more efficiently too. 

In over 25 years in business it has been this kind of relationship with BSTDB and our other long-term partners that have born the most fruit. 

BSTDB logo
BSTDB logo on different background colors
bstdb website front page

They also care for their brands