Branding/Identity Design


There is a fresh, alternative way of sea transport around Thessaloniki this summer and It is called KARAVAKIA

National Can

National Can, the biggest Greek company in manufacturing tin packages, approached us for...

Lucia’s Farm

Branding Lucia's Farm products for Hellenic Farming.

Thessaloniki Summit 2016

More than 50 speakers from all around the world, gathered in Thessaloniki to discuss on policies that could trigger the economic development in Greece.

WorldChefs Congress & Expo 2016

One of the most important international events in the gastronomy sector was hosted for the first time in Thessaloniki and Colibri was proud to be a part of...

Zeo Bakery

Rebranding Zeo, by editing new product catalogue and designing logo and packages.

The brand new Aegean Gourmet series on behalf of Mytilos Company smells like Mediterranean Sea!

A game that makes you travel more. A journey that makes you play more. This is the brand new game/campaign of the Tourist Organization of Halkidiki called “...


Branding identity of destination Ioannina.

Plin Nanotechnology Logo

For millennia the world was just what we could see or observe. Now nanotechnology is all around us and spreading its uses exponentially.

Prime Salts & Spices

Mario and Harry were already deeply involved in the organic food trade before setting their sights on natural salts. Their country, Greece, is the cradle of...

A group of experienced specialists in livestock, using the most innovative technologies on production and communication.

Thessaloniki hotels association, Logo

Under the pressure of an uprecedented financial recession, the Thessaloniki Hotels Association decided to rebrand their logo and publish a modern ...

WELLFED. Freeze dry formula
enjoy browsing what we enjoy branding...

The rebranding of the leading greek medical institution.

Master Academy

Expressing the strong identity of a modern educational institution.

Thessaloniki City Branding Colibri Branding Design

A heart full of stories A heart that beats strongly Listen to it.

One word. One internationally common phrase. A phrase that defines the mentality of the organizers and the common perception of cinema between creators and...

Corporate brand logo, πλήρη εταιρική ταυτότητα, προϊοντικούς καταλόγους - Colibri branding & design

This treat series for dogs made Pet Interest a well known company in the field of quality pet products.

Rebranding - logo & identity design - PANIC EYE - Colibri branding & design

Don’t panic! We just shoot your wedding! That said on the new Panic Eye photography studio brochures Colibri designed, while rebranding the visual strategy...

Νέος σχεδιασμός ετικετών & συσκευασιών - ΟΙ ΓΟΥΜΕΝΙΣΣΕΣ - Colibri branding & design

Jam jars usually contain a very tasty inside. We designed a very attractive outside.

Νέος σχεδιασμός ετικετών & συσκευασιών - ΟΙ ΓΟΥΜΕΝΙΣΣΕΣ - Colibri branding & design

A small company producing traditional Greek products, made with fresh ingredients.

Λογότυπο, εταιρική ταυτότητα & εταιρικό προφίλ - EXOTHERMIA ΑΕ - Colibri branding & design

Exothermia SA was created as a spin-off company of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Emisia. Logo and software interface design

After designing Emisia's logo, their corporate identity and presentation, Colibri proceeded on preparing a new presentation, for the company’s software...

10 super market Branding Colibri Branding & Design

Colibri branding & design took over the full scale design of the retail shops Supermarket 10. The shops are designed to serve medium size neighborhoods...

Naturest - Petinterst - κονσέρβες - Pets wet food cans

Working on the branding of a new series of products for dogs and cats by Pet Interest.

To Hotel Olympia είναι ένα κομψό boutique ξενοδοχείο στο κέντρο της Θεσσαλονίκης με μεγάλη ιστορία στην καλή φιλοξενία.

Palirria. Brand, new and frozen!

Colibri was asked to present its proposals for PALIRRIA's new line of frozen ready meals

Paul & John Around the Globe

Paul & John are two characters who love cooking and travelling around the globe teaching the best greek recipes.

SOFTWAY Λογότυπο, εταιρική ταυτότητα, sales presenter

After two decades of remarkable progress
in the specialized field of software for the maritime industry, Softway assigned to Colibri the renewal of...

The message chosen by the Municipality of Athens for the communication of a series of actions for the citizens undergoing the so-called third - old - age....

OFFICE 25 - Σχεδιασμός λογοτύπου, εταιρικής ταυτότητας & ιστοσελίδας  - Colibri branding & design

One of the most prominent Architectural firms in Greece. Their new logotype, their company's branding was designed by Colibri in 2007.

Gold ERMIS 2009 - DESIGN - Colibri Branding & Design
ΧΩΡΟΣ - Colibri branding & design

a small but highly effective and design-conscious firm

Η Colibri σχεδίασε την οπτική ταυτότητα της εταιρίας και δημιούργησε ένα ευρύ σύστημα εφαρμογών του brand σε επιχειρηματικές κάρτες, επιστολόχαρτα, φακέλους...

Silver ERMIS 2006 - DESIGN Αργυρός ERMIS 2006 - DESIGN
Σχεδιασμός & εφαρμογές λογοτύπου - SPOILT - Colibri branding & design

Tο λογότυπo και τα γραφικά του περιβάλλοντα χώρου κέρδισε την υψηλότερη διάκριση στα βραβεία Ελληνικός Σχεδιασμός Γραφικών και Εικονογράφησης και ένα...

Grand ERMIS 2006 - DESIGN - Colibri Branding & Design
Λογότυπο και εταιρική ταυτότητα - K-BOOKS - Colibri branding & design

Τα βιβλιοπωλεία Κωνσταντινίδης εγκαινίασαν τα 50 χρόνια τους με ένα Μεγάλο και ένα Χρυσό Βραβείο Ερμής στο θεσμό βράβευσης της δημιουργικότητας στην...