Thessaloniki hotels association, Logo

Under the pressure of an uprecedented financial recession, the Thessaloniki Hotels Association decided to rebrand their logo and publish a modern ...

WELLFED. Freeze dry formula
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What is a brand if not a name, chosen or fabricated to become part of our vocabulary as a unique word signifying a particular product or service? And what...

The rebranding of the leading greek medical institution.

Care and Taste

The best way to encourage or award your pet while keeping it healthy.

Master Academy

Expressing the strong identity of a modern educational institution.

Οικογένεια Κωσταρέλου. Τα χειροποίητα κριτσίνια.Package Design

It might be delicious, but you’ll never find out if you don’t pick it up from the shelf.

Colibri Branding & Design Brochure Design

ASIT is a new tour operator for Greece’s incoming tourism aiming to attract clients from countries new to Greece with a portfolio that includes city breaks...

Thessaloniki City Branding Colibri Branding Design

A heart full of stories A heart that beats strongly Listen to it.

One word. One internationally common phrase. A phrase that defines the mentality of the organizers and the common perception of cinema between creators and...

Pet Interest published their new product catalogue, carrying on the rebranding strategy that they started six months ago.

South East Europe Talents, in the largest digital film festival, in Southeastern Europe, in Naoussa International Film Festival

Corporate brand logo, πλήρη εταιρική ταυτότητα, προϊοντικούς καταλόγους - Colibri branding & design

This treat series for dogs made Pet Interest a well known company in the field of quality pet products.

Rebranding - logo & identity design - PANIC EYE - Colibri branding & design

Don’t panic! We just shoot your wedding! That said on the new Panic Eye photography studio brochures Colibri designed, while rebranding the visual strategy...

National Theatre of Norhtern Greece Poster Design

The Easter concert of the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, one of the most important symphonic orchestras in Greece with significant international...

Emisia. Logo and software interface design

After designing Emisia's logo, their corporate identity and presentation, Colibri proceeded on preparing a new presentation, for the company’s software...

Νέος σχεδιασμός ετικετών & συσκευασιών - ΟΙ ΓΟΥΜΕΝΙΣΣΕΣ - Colibri branding & design

Jam jars usually contain a very tasty inside. We designed a very attractive outside.

We had the honor and responsibility to propose the name and design the visual identity of the “Hellenic Value”

Λογότυπο, εταιρική ταυτότητα & εταιρικό προφίλ - EXOTHERMIA ΑΕ - Colibri branding & design

Exothermia SA was created as a spin-off company of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Έντυπο "Emerald Villas" - Colibri branding & design

We created the brochure and the website for two luxurius residential complexes˙ the “Emerald Vilas” in Panorama, Thessaloniki, and the “Malva Mountain...

Νέος σχεδιασμός ετικετών & συσκευασιών - ΟΙ ΓΟΥΜΕΝΙΣΣΕΣ - Colibri branding & design

A small company producing traditional Greek products, made with fresh ingredients.

Colibri designed the new website for Exposystem and then we created their brief corporate identity brochure.

Noodles 3' - Colibri branding & design

Tα Νoodles γίνονται ένα ολοένα και πιο δημοφιλές σνακ στην Ελλάδα. Η Flavour Factory – ο μεγαλύτερος αντιπρόσωπος ασιατικών ειδών διατροφής – μας ανέθεσε το...

Καταχωρήσεις, banners - BLE - Colibri branding & design

Για να επικοινωνήσεις τo Ble πρέπει να δοκιμάσεις. Η ομάδα της Colibri διάλεξε τα αγαπημένα της, εικονογράφησε και δημιούργησε μιά σειρά καταχωρήσεων με...

10 super market Branding Colibri Branding & Design

Colibri branding & design took over the full scale design of the retail shops Supermarket 10. The shops are designed to serve medium size neighborhoods...

Arvo Gruppe Logo, Corporate presentation, Website

Arvo is the Finnish word for value and a suitable brand name for a group of well established construction companies from different countries in Europe and...

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Marketing Greece S.A. in search of a trustworthy and knowledgeable branding partner selected Colibri Branding & Design and commissioned the design of...

Colibri designed Hellenic Petroleum’s new corporate brochure

Το κρασί της Οικογένειας Κωσταρέλου

Colibri branding & design tasted Kostarelou’s fine wines and designed its labels


H Colibri σχεδίασε το νέο προϊοντικό έντυπο του Τυροκομείου Κωσταρέλου. Μεγάλες εικόνες και απουσία έντονων graphics αποτέλεσαν την σχεδιαστική μας...

Rebranding, συσκευασίες, εφαρμογές Ρ.Ο.Ρ., έντυπα, επιμέλεια εικόνας νέου καταστήματος για το BLE

Traditional recipes and flavors from Greece and from around the world dress with a distinctive gourmet touch of Ble´.

Αραβικές πίτες - Colibri branding & design

Η Colibri δημιούργησε τη νέα συσκευασία αραβικών πιτών του brand East Go West που αντιπροσωπεύεται στην Ελλάδα από τη Flavour Factory.

In other words “there is no place like Halkidiki” as most people of Thessaloniki declare.